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Welcome to Usha Food Imports

Usha Food Imports Pty Ltd is one of the pioneer ethnic food import and distribution company in the South, Northern & Western Australian region to make several Indian and South East Asian food brands a household name with Asian shops and stores in these territories. We are an importer, distributor and a wholesaler of quality brands of Indian SubContinent food staples like wheat flour, basmati rice, traditional cooking flours, spices, ready mixes, pickles, snacks, sweets, ready to eat curries, Indian utensils,ayurvedic items, religious/worship goods and frozen vegetables, roti parathas, naan bread, snacks, dairy sweets, ready meals and many more.

We supply to ethnic Indian shops and also to non-ethnic Indian customer segments like Chinese stores, Afghani shops, Persian shops, Lebanese shops, Australian supermarkets such as IGA stores (Independent groceries of Australia) & Foodlands, Convenience stores, and South-East Asian restaurants.

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