2005It all began in a little garage at the back of a home in Enfield, Adelaide. Our MD, who was fresh out of B-school at that point and determined to start a business of his own, started by ordering groceries from interstate on a small scale and personally delivering the products to all the local stores in the town.
Our company’s first supplier, Vadilal’s direct shipment arrives in Adelaide. Vadilal has been Usha Imports long trusted partner and a pioneer in packaging regional vegetables with IQF technology to help retain its freshness and taste . A third party storage facility is rented out to stock Vadilal frozen consignment.
2007As our brand basket expanded, Usha Imports sets base in a rental warehouse in the City of Salisbury, South Australia’s chief industrial and economic base with industry sectors and business clustered in the food processing, defence, logistics, manufacturing and knowledge intensive services sectors.
2009Our company began its journey of developing its in-house brand Dev. We introduced Frozen Roti paratha/ Roti Canai, the best accompaniment with Indian curries , manufactured by the largest producer of puff pastry, Kawan Group, Malaysia.
2011Our company successfully expands with bigger brands and frequent large shipments.  In 2011, we acquire land in the Industrial town of Salisbury for construction of our customised warehouse with an in-built frozen storage, a sizeable dry storage capacity and an on-location quarantine license provision – something very few companies ensured at the time.
2012We set a major growth trajectory by supplying to restaurant chains and mainstream Australian retailers like IGA (Independent Groceries of Australia) and Foodlands. 
2014The brand portfolio of the company simultaneously grew along the years as suppliers partner with the company for trade and so did the necessity for storage space. We purchased another large warehouse across the road to our existing premises to increase our storage capacity.
2016The company ventured this year into untapped geographies to source wider range of  superior products from markets like Thailand, Canada, UAE and Pakistan.
2018A chief landmark in our company’s journey as Usha Imports Pty Ltd transforms and registers as Usha Food Imports Pty Ltd to resonate better with our stakeholders. 
We purchase a Lentils packaging machine to pack locally sourced lentils – supplying under the product line of DEV. 
Usha Food Imports taps into yet another popular demographic market by procuring a wide range of popular Sri Lankan brands  .
2019Usha Foods recruits wider expansion of business outside of South Australia & Northern Territory to Victoria , Western Australia and Queensland.
2020A challenging year from the start, our company supported the community by donating refreshments during the bushfires to the affected families and steadily supplied essential provisions through the region during the global pandemic. As we continue to secure larger and multiple brand partnerships from the Indian sub-continent, Usha Foods arises as a spirited champion and looks forward to its upcoming expanded infrastructure and accommodate our growing portfolio!