At Usha Foods, we believe that when our employees are happy they care more and they feel invested in the company’s performance. Happy teams like what they do, so their work feels less like work and more like fun. We work as a family and what better way to convey contentment than through pictures!

The enthusiastic crew of Usha Foods Imports locked horns as two teams this Diwali, at a Bowling  match in Zone Bowling Alley , Woodville. The teams displayed a true spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie with their mates who were trying their hand at the game the first time and cheered their competitors when there were strikes and spares…!

India Australia Cricket Match at Adelaide Oval

Birthday Celebrations at Work

Receiving a little bit of extra attention on your birthday from your co-workers always makes you feel cared for and all the more part of a team on your special day !!