Healthy Homemade Style Eating Within a Busy Lifestyle!

In today’s busy lifestyle, one is always found juggling between work and family. And returning everyday tired from work , you have no energy left for to cook an elaborate “Desi” meal all the time but are left craving for homemade food , and missing your “mumma’s ghar ka khana” all the more !

Eating out and take aways may not always be an affordable option in this case looking at your pockets for that hard earned money and more importantly it may not be a healthier option at all for you with those creamy curries and fattening naans and parathas available outside.But heh, you are not the only one !!

Indians settled globally across years face this situation when they leave their homeland and come and settle far in Western world and work hard day and night towards a brighter future.Looking at this trend, began a different kind of immigration worldwide, a cold revolution starting straight from the farms and authentic kitchens of India to your freezers at your new homes in the Western world.

You guessed it right, we are talking about Frozen Indian Food, available everywhere now in your local Indian grocery stores starting from the wide range of Indian vegetables to all sorts of Indian samosas and snacks to all kinds of rotis and parathas.

And its now researched and fully proven that having Frozen foods saves you time and money — without sacrificing your health as well. But to get the most nutrition from a packaged meal, you have to know how to choose the right one! And , the guidelines are simple :You want to look for foods that are low in fat, especially saturated and trans fat, supply some fiber (at least two to three grams per serving), and don pack a huge calorie punch. So, next time , you have all the more reasons to enjoy hearty and healthy Desi Khana at the convenience of the freezer at your home only.