• Do you strongly believe that there is no short cut to success and hard work in life and 100% dedication and commitment is the ultimate key to any successful career story?
  • Do you believe in methodical approach to your day to day work, you are IT-driven and believe that strong operations is the back-bone of a growing inventory oriented business?
  • Do you have strong interpersonal and communication skills , a hunger to achieve your set targets and see yourself in a rewarding sales
    career with the ability to adapt and equip with product knowledge from any industry ?
  • Do you believe that no function in an organisation can exist by itself and all functions go hand-in-hand and when we are working for a small enterprise -
    Respect and Ability to slide into any additional job responsibilities whenever required as per business needs is very important for all the employees?
  • Do you believe that on the go job training is the perfect way to up-skill yourself with all the know-how to fulfil your job responsibilities in your present career position?
  • Do you want to work for an organisation where your innovative and growth ideas for the business do not need to go through series of hierarchical steps or approvals ?
  • Do you enjoy working in an environment where day to day human relationships and kindness are valued ?
  • Do you want to work for an organisation with strong foundation and where family values are given high regard ?

If it is a YES  for you for most of the questions above, please do not hesitate to email us your resume to info@ushaimports.com.au outlining your areas of interest of work , if you have it in YOU and we see you as a value ADD to our business at present or in the near future, we will be more than happy to call you to meet us and explore the possibility of your career start here with us at Usha Food Imports !!