Company Mission

At Usha Food Imports we feel pride in setting ourselves up every day for sourcing choicest of quality brands for our end consumers , providing excellent customer service to our retailers , a very strong belief in forming and respecting reliable relationships with all our stakeholders and a commitment to contribute back to our local community .

Our Vision

We aim to be a reference Company model in the ethnic distribution sector thriving towards excellence in all areas of growth.

Growing our Portfolio – We are continually finding newer opportunities to expand our business product portfolio .

Growing Our Customer Base – We believe in exploring newer markets to widen our customer reach both horizontally and vertically .

Growing Our Network – We place considerable importance on forging strong supplier partnerships. Our suppliers, large or small, local or global, are essential components in accomplishing our mission.

Growing A Dedicated Team –  We function as one team-one family work culture unit with a strong sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit amongst all our employees. Our company offers various opportunities and an ever learning and evolving environment to the team to assist in personal and professional development.

Growing State of the Art Technology – We pride ourselves in empowering and training our team with  modern gadgets, automated inventory management system and up to date work softwares.

Growing for the Community – We endeavour to source the choicest of brands for our end consumers from their homeland and contribute to our community for shared development.

Growing to Innovate – We persevere to procuring a wide range of innovative products that simplifies the everyday life of our end consumers in their new homelands yet keep them connected to their culture and roots.

Our Core Values

Setting the tradition of Quality, Service and Reliability!!

Our core values reflect in our respectful relationships with our stakeholders including our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our vendors, our wider community and our environment!!