Mr Gaurav Arora

Managing Director , Usha Food Imports

Our founder Gaurav Arora is an Australian Indian who came to country in 2004 and made it his forever home.

The country offered him everything – a beautiful weather, fantastic people and a magnificent lifestyle. However, he was quick to realise the missing ingredient to his almost picture-perfect life; the lack of consistent and quality supply of Indian food staples that could recreate the cuisines he grew up with.

The perfect recipe was hence created with a combination of his entrepreneurial lineage, supply chain & logistics qualifications and “his never will I ever give up!” zest that gave rise  to his company, Usha Food Imports Pty Limited. A company that has since gratified his journey in Australia to serve the people from his homeland with quality products as an importer and provide employment opportunities to his community.

The past 14 years was a steep climb, from starting off as a small scale business owner with slim stock orders operating out of his garage, to renting warehouses for his supplies and finally establishing his own fully functional custom built warehouse in 2012. A journey that he started as a student to make available an assortment of quality groceries to South Australia, the company has since established its footprint interstate covering a sizeable geography in the country.

Today, Usha Foods Imports Pty Limited is in proud partnerships as a sole distributor and supplier of over 25 prominent brands from India, UAE, Srilanka, Thailand Pakistan, Canada and Malaysia.

He is passionate about his food and is forever finding opportunites to add to his business portfolio that would deepen the companies penetration into the ethnic and non-ethnic segments .

A staunch believer of “leading through example”, he is often seen working besides his team and discussing best practices for betterment  of his business with his employees and his clientele.

He is passionate about futuristic cars and new shoes! A sneak peak into their home and he may just have the highest pair in competition with the three ladies in his life; his gorgeous wife and his two charming daughters.

His guiding excerpt : “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”

Mrs Sunayana Arora

Chief Finance Officer , Usha Food Imports

Sunayana Arora, our Chief Finance Officer, has been associated with Usha Foods from the time of its inception and has since walked this journey with her husband sharing a conjoined vision to grow the company from a small business to South Australia’s leading Indian food importer and supplier.

With a robust educational background in financial planning and working with various reputed banking organisations in high ranking managerial roles, she is solely responsible for maintaining superior quality control standards in the company across Legal practices, quarantine compliance and streamlining import procedures. Her journey, though successful, was not an easy one making a decision to leave a well cushioned job with a regular payroll early in her career and invest every financial reserve, family time and effort into development of a business that her husband and she believed in.

Not only is she a financial mastermind, she is curious, creative and imaginative too! A power house of marketing competencies, she has ensured that Usha Foods has stayed relevant and updated to the changing challenges of today’s media world. Additionally, her efforts have introduced Usha Foods into mainstream Australian supermarkets as well.

When she has some liberty off work, she is a creative cook with a zeal to discover and adapt to world cuisines. A doting mother and a fashionista, she is a fusion of a spirited power couple at work and a compassionate mother to her two little girls, who are her miniature self.

Her advise to women who aspire to be entrepreneurs – “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground”