All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Abraham Lincoln

The name Usha, connotes “dawn or a new beginning”,

It is also correspondingly the names of the mothers of our founders, Smt. Usha Arora and Smt. Usha Gupta.

A company thus started with the sanctification of a mothers name in 2005 and successfully operating as a forerunner ever since , Usha Food Imports today is the pioneer ethnic food import company in Australia.

Our company was formed in the mid 2000’s when the quiet state of South Australia saw a surge of migrant Asian population choosing to move to the pristine location which offered superior living standards , favourable immigration policies and a considerable low cost of living. The market previously hinged heavily on residual Melbourne and Sydney imports and did not have a consistent flow of wide range of quality ethnic products to cater to the growing demands of the newer communities making the region their new home now.

Our founder’s keen business entrepreneurial vision was quick to  acknowledge and fill this void in the market early on during this promising juncture, and the Company has since come a long way distributing an assortment of staples across dry groceries and frozen foods to not only the Indian Retail sector, but also to Asian, Persian, African and Afghani stores and South East Asian Restaurants. Our distribution doesn’t limit itself there! as it also is widespread across mainstream market of likes of Australian Supermarkets including IGA(independent groceries of Australia) ,Foodlands and local Food Service.

 Today, we are established and operational in a prime industrial location in South Australia with a top-quality warehouse infrastructural capability with over 6000 sq metres which can accommodate around 2000 pallet loads of dry commodities and a freezer room which can stock upto 400 pallet frozen products.