Who Are We ?

Usha Food Imports Pty Ltd, South Australia is a proprietary limited company which began its operations in August 2005 based out of Adelaide city. The company is in the business of imports,distribution and wholesale of varied range of Indian Sub-Continent frozen foods and grocery items. Usha Food Imports is a sole distributor of well established Indian, Pakistani, Malaysian, Srilankan, Canadian brands in both frozen foods and dry groceries category including its own in-house brands as well in these categories.

Who We ARE ? (Our Mission...)

Family Owned Company with deep roots of entrepreneurial spirit owing to family background from India where we have grown seeing our parents , relatives and friends set-up and run own businesses in different domains.

In our day to day work culture, the management and staff at Usha Food Imports feel pride in setting ourselves up everyday for sourcing best-est of quality product brands for end consumers , providing excellent customer service to our retailers and a very strong believe in respecting reliable relationships with our stakeholders .

Distribution network

At present, Usha FoodImports is a well-established distributor player for both frozen foods and dry groceries in these geographies distributing to retail outlets including ethnic Indian shops and also servicing to the likes and demand of non ethnic Indian customer segments like
Chinese stores , Afghani shops , Persian & African shops along with mainstream market of IGA stores (Independent groceries of Australia) , Foodlands & Convenience stores and South-East Asian restaurants.

Company Infrastructure

The company is based out of a prime industrial location in South Australia with all the warehouse access and storage
facilities. The present warehouse facility can easily accommodate around 2000 pallet loads of dry goods alone with
another freezer room for the storage of around 400 pallets of frozen goods.

What is Future Growth For Us ? (Our Vision...)

Forever finding newer opportunities to add to our business product portfolio and widen our reach to customers both horizontally and vertically !!

Our Company / The Business will grow … when every individual working for our organisation including the business owners are growing in their personal and professional lives !!

Our Story

South Australia is a famous tourist destination well known all over the world for its scenic beauty, food and wine. It is always  been an attractive state to migrate in Australia for more and more Asian migrants with every passing year due to its low living costs and regional state status within the country.

As a result, going back to years of mid 2000's there was a sudden upsurge in demand of Indian and South east Asian food staples and groceries in this region. Also, the sub-continent cuisine started gaining more and more popularity with the local population here with opening of several ethnic restaurants by this new age migrants serving their traditional food culture brought over from their homelands  .

But the local South Australia market could never see a consistent supply of even basic ethnic groceries items before. The primary reason for this being that local storekeepers were facing a lot of difficulties with storage facilities, financial constraint and transportation costs involved in procuring products from bigger cities of either Melbourne or Sydney where major import of these items was limited to then due to huge migrant population demand to cater for in these cities itself .

This striking thought followed with wide market research in the local market of South Australian state as such threw some revealing findings for the founder/owner of the Company. Thus Usha Imports was born with this budding idea from the limits of a family home garage but the progressive mind and far vision of a young entrepreneur who has always believed in the thought that there is no success story made without putting hard work in your efforts everyday !!

It was this far-sighted approach of the founder that led him to venture into frozen food category with sole distributorship of well known Indian Frozen food giant VADILAL for South Australian state where when he started with selling only few handful of cartons of frozen Indian vegetables every week to the wide range TODAY which Usha Food Imports represents.

This step became a huge success story in the local market and looking towards the need and support of local shopkeepers, the company then set its foot into dry groceries along with frozen food towards June 2006.

Also, by mid-2008, the company entered into the nascent markets of Western Australia and Northern territory which also have been newer growing markets for ethnic product lines. Today, We proudly serve major ethnic supermarkets and stores to the likes of the big cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane too with our ever growing wide product portfolio and basket range .